As a business proprietor, you can find instances when you have to leave the workplace. Doing so, however, signifies there's an excellent chance you are missing calls that are possibly relevant. Studies have shown that 60% of callers hung up when they get an automatic reply.


Because you cannot be in two places at the same time, and hiring another full-time employee might not be a viable choice for you, a call answering service can help. A live answering service can handle all of the calls that come into your workplace and can even make telephone calls on your behalf, helping you save time and increasing productivity by allowing you and your employees to focus on your already busy schedules.



Answering calls takes your valuable time, which charges you money up. But by perhaps not answering a call, you lose a potential customer, which in the end, also costs money. When you hire a  company offering live answering service, you no longer have to be worried about not getting work finished because you might be answering calls and you do not have to be afraid of missing an important call.


A virtual reception phone answering service uses a live individual to answer, screen and direct calls to the suitable person. If you are not able to take a call, the service can email you the caller's message, or send your caller to voice-mail, whichever they prefer. This service allows you and your employees to concentrate more with fewer interruptions on the wants of your customers.


If you were to employ someone to answer the telephone in your office, there would be some initial hand holding and an interview procedure as you educate this new individual about the ways of your company. You might require additional time to create a brand new worker with payroll and accounting, enroll them in any appropriate insurance and benefits plans you provide and arrange for new business furniture. However, because a live receptionist works for the call answering corporation with whom you contracted, the contracting firm is responsible for supervising oversight and coaching.



A live answering support secretary's employer can also be accountable for her benefits, office equipment, vacation pay, and so forth. Furthermore, the live answering service provides the clerks with specific instructions to handle your business' callers. For example, in addition to understanding how you prefer receptionists to direct your calls, a top notch live answering support will also utilize basic info such as how to provide directions to your workplace.